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Tips for organisers
Upcoming Events
Colin Gibson's tour, May 2014
and Palmerston North's annual NZ Carols event in early December.

Colin Gibson's tour
Saturday 3rd May - Sunday 11th May 2014

Details will be uploaded soon.
In the meantime, see www/thesehillsworkshops.wordpress.com/workshops where there is a poster


CD Photo

"Hope is Our Song" - Viva Voce CD

The Hope is our Song CD, released February 2011, features 27 of the songs found in the book Hope is our Song, recorded by leading Auckland choir Viva Voce.
Cost $30.00. see Details

The Reviewers Say:

?This is an excellent CD. I highly recommend it for the quality of the recording (Paul McGlashan of Classic Sound) and excellent accompaniment, and in particular for the very high standard of singing by Viva Voce. You can hear all the words!?
Maureen Smith, TuiMotu/InterIslands, April 2011
?Listeners to the CD will certainly get a feel for the hymns and I am confident that several of them will become loved and familiar additions to our singing faith.?
Sally Carter, Touchstone, May 2011
?With a whopping 27 tracks it?s difficult to single out highlights, but here are a few: Te Reo?s E Te Ariki, the very Kiwi Easter hymn ?On a cool and autumn dawn? by Bill Bennett, the contemplative ?Look in wonder? with words by Shirley Murray and music by Jim Strathee, ?and the beautifully arranged ?God was in Christ? with words by Shirley Murray and music by Colin Gibson. A great collection of hymns, beautifully performed.?
War Cry, April 2011
?This CD and book are a good ecumenical resource for church musicians, especially when choosing New Zealand church music?
Therese Turnock, NZ Catholic, April 2011
?You may choose to use this CD as a handy reference source rather than for an hour-and-ten-minutes relaxation ? but dry and dusty it isn?t! John Rosser has employed various means for maintaining interest throughout the twenty-seven tracks. Even though accompaniments are confined to just piano or organ (superbly played by Michael Bell), the alternation of voices in unison or harmony, solo or sectional, means that monotony is effectively avoided.?
Denis Guyan, Breve, NZ Choral Federation, March 2011
?This CD is a high-class ?sampler?, very useful for church musicians or those selecting music for services who are keen to use the latest offerings from some of our talented New Zealand hymn-writers, especially those not as yet unfamiliar with the hymns or unable to play the music themselves.?
Rosemary Dewerse, The Anglican, Auckland Diocese of Auckland,
reprinted in Anglican Communion News Service website, June 2011
?What an impressive line-up of talent has been brought together to produce a CD of 27 songs, hymns and carols selected from the hymn book, Hope is our Song! Taken from the latest publication of the New Zealand Hymn Book Trust, the selected pieces represent but a small sample of the 158 compositions that make up the hymnbook. It must have been a difficult exercise to make such a limited choice, but those responsible have succeeded admirably in offering the listener a selection that covers a wide variety of themes and musical styles. The booklet accompanying the CD gives the full text of all hymns and songs.
Stuart Grant, Candour May 2011, reprinted in Word and Worship, Winter 2011

"I read five of the hymns in Hope is Our Song every day, and continue to be struck by their progressive and contemporary thought, and the beauty and facility of their expression."
Reverend Arthur Templeton, 94-year old Congregational Minister, now living in Dunedin.
(Permission given to the Hymnbook Trust office to pass this testimony on to others).

"Hope is Our Song" - Karaoke CD
Roald & Lucy Barthow

If you use the NZ Hymnbook Trust's latest book, "Hope is Our Song", there is a new karaoke CD with a selection of 29 of the songs from that book. It was launched at the These Hills workshops led by Colin Gibson and Val Riches in Te Kuiti and Bellblock, New Plymouth, in June.
Played and recorded in Karaoke style by Lucy and Roald Barthow, of Thames, on a KN7000 keyboard, taking care in the correct speed etc, it is a truly enjoyable CD.
For each song, the unaccompanied melody is played through once, followed by the correct number of verses played with accompaniament so a congregation can first hear the tune then sing the whole song.
This CD is invaluable for learning the songs, to listen to as we work or play, or to help congregational singing in small churches.
Copyright permission has been granted for this CD by all the composers represented.

CD Photo

Songs on this CD are:-

HiOS 1 A Pinch of Salt
HiOS 6 Always these's a Carol
HiOS 9 Beautiful Presence
HiOS 10 Because you came
HiOS 13 Bring in Your New World
HiOS 15 Christ has Changed the World's Direction
HiOS 18 Come Fill the Cup with the Water of Life
HiOS 19 Deep in the Human Heart
HiOS 30 Friend in Christ
HiOS 35(11) Go gently Go lightly
HiOS 49 God was in Christ
HiOS 81 Jumping Jesus
HiOS 87 Let our Earth be Peaceful
HiOS 92 Look Around You
HiOS 93 Look in Wonder
HiOS 95 Love is Your way
HiOS 99 Matthew was a Lonely Man
HiOS 103 No I've never seen an Angel
HiOS 105 Now the Star of Christmas
HiOS 106 O God to You I cry in Pain
HiOS 110 On a Cool and Autumn Dawn
HiOS 113 Peace is not Fighting
HiOS 117 Rockin' the Boat
HiOS 118 Simply to Be
HiOS 121 Snap out of it Lord
HiOS 123 (1) Something's Dead inside Me
HiOS 127 Take a Grape
HiOS 153 Where the Light of Easter Day
HiOS 154 (1) Who Sweeps the Stable

After initially producing the CDs individually, on their home equipment, the Barthows found the demand justified having them produced in Wellington.
Cost of the CD is $20.00 posted with the discount to $15.00 at some events eg those associated with the Hymnbook Trust.
Epworth Books hold a demo copy of the CD, and ordering details.
Please send your order to:- Roald and Lucy Barthow email
or post to REM and AL Barthow, 212 Reservoir Road, Thames 3500
Cheques should be made out to REM and AL Barthow.
A BNZ deposit form with the barthows' bank account number (that can be used for direct deposits) will be sent with CDs posted.
13 August 2010


NZ Hymns to Match Lectionary Readings

The Hymnbook Trust prepares a Quarterly listing of NZ hymns matched to the Lectionary readings, for publication in MediaCom, an Australian-based copyright agency linked to LicenSing. For each Sunday the worship leader will find two suggested songs. The songs chosen not only relate to the Bible readings but also reflect the changing festivals of the annual church calendar, from Advent to Creation. Listings are published at least two months early.
The Hymnbook Trust would appreciate feedback on the use and value of this resource.
Contact John and Gillian Thornley, email
All hymns listed are covered by copyright. The Trust thanks all parish and national church offices for ensuring that copyright charges are met. If any parish or church is not linked to a copyright scheme, please take this responsibility seriously, and sign up to one of the existing programmes: LicenSing/MediaCom, CCLI, Word of Life, are three recommended agencies.
18th February 2010

The Songs
The songs cannot be purchased individually.
Songlists for each book are to be found on www.hymns.org here
Purchase the Books and CDs here
Alphabetical list of all our songs

Each entry gives
First Line,
Book & Number,
Composer, and

Book references

AA = Alleluia Aotearoa,

CC = Carol Our Christmas,

FFS = Faith Forever Sing,

HiOS = Hope is Our Song.

Find Songs on CDs here

More Information on an .xls file

Gaynor encourages you to send her any suggestions for this site.


From the NZ Hymnbook Trust


Organising a NZ Carol Programme :
a few tips

1. Start planning early. Get your date fixed well ahead (at least 6 months ahead).
2. Make it an ecumenically planned occasion, which can be put on annually at a different church.
3. Choose a weeknight evening to avoid clashes with Sunday services.
4. Aim to have every carol a NZ one: there are 52 in Carol our Christmas, and new ones in Hope is our Song.
5. Make early contact with your local Media. You will find a genuine interest in this story, as NZ carols are something few knew existed, and even fewer have ever sung!
6. Take out one prominent advertisement in your local paper. (A nice way of saying "thank you" for the free publicity they will give you before the event, and the photograph/story after the event - well, at least one of these!)
7. Prepare an imaginative liturgy, using NZ poems and prose readings, soloists, choir items, instrumentalists, fauna and flora arrangements, dancers, bellringers, and Power Point visuals - not to forget the Christmas Biblical story. The traditional - lessons and carols - formula offers a template you can creatively adapt for the NZ carols. Do remember the power of STORY and arrange/tell the nativity/incarnation events making full use of the added eloquence and passion our NZ carol writers bring to a "down under", "down to earth", summer time, and 21st century STORY. The words (the THEOLOGY) of the Kiwi carols tell it ALL!
8. Invite creative people from all churches and from outside the churches. Instrumental teachers might be able to help find a good accompanist, the local theatre group can help find strong readers. Local choirs and dance troupes will welcome an audience.
9. Don't make it too long, though time will fly if the programme has variety in it. Ten carols sung collectively, plus the individuals items, will fill up one hour and a quarter. Follow the event with a cuppa.
10. Have a koha/donation towards expenses. The main ones will be preparing a photocopied handout of carols to be sung - unless you use OHPs or PP - and the advertisement.
11. If you photocopy the carols your parish copyright scheme ensures permission to use the material.
Give full acknowledgement to writer of words and music for each carol, and its source and publisher (e.g. Carol our Christmas, NZ Hymnbook Trust).
12. To >give a strong lead to the singing - many will be meeting and singing these carols for the first time - have an ad hoc "singing group" meet before hand to go over the carols to be sung. (This group need not be confined to choir members, but open to all). Most of the singing will stick to the tune, but the "singing group" could prepare a carol sung in parts.
13. The number is quite incidental! Should ecumenical cooperation be difficult, and genuine efforts have been made but failed to achieve this, one church can go ahead and offer a NZ carol event. But the ecumenical endeavour is the way to go!
Final Note: The NZ Hymnbook Trust would consider making a financial contribution towards costs, subject to evidence given of good local planning.
Contact John/Gillian regarding this, and any other issues around your planning such an event: email
PS Publicise your event and write a report on your event for the NZHBT Website Noticeboard.
19 December 2009

NB Archives

Selected items will be moved to the Archives after 4 to 6 weeks.
19 December 2009


Plenary Session - Hope is our song Hymn Conference

Where to from here?
Final discussion from Hope is our song Hymn conference, Wesley Broadway, Labour Weekend, 2009.

Susan Jacob's Poem


Conference Photos
Pictures from the Labour Weekend Conference.

We would welcome digital images from the Conference. Strong photographs (worth a 1000 words) can go with stories/articles for church newspaper/bulletin releases. A short caption is helpful also. Your name will be credited as photographer.



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