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Rememb'ring the Conference
(Sing to tune of These Hills.)

singing Conf’rence was for learning music
Our hymns by New Zealanders,
New hymns found in “Hope is Our Song”
Music for us!
Good songs for our congregations
Set in this land we love,
Songs that we can sing together
These we found there.

Workshops teaching how to do things,
Write hymns, or use powerpoint,
Use church-es for music e-vents,
Music for all!
Songs call-ing for love and justice,
Bringing- hope to those in pain,
Transform-ing the way we see life,
These we found there.

Wind Farm
Visits to the diff’rent churches,
Wind farm wings up in the hills,
How great was the celebrating
That we found there!
Friendships that will last forever,
Hymn books and some CD disks,
Course notes to help us remember,
These we took home.

Gaynor McCartney



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