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Mailing List
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When a member sends an email message to the list server,
it sends the message to all members of the list.
We use this list to advertise events of interest to the Trust
and for general discussion relating to church music.

To Subscribe to our mailing list
Please send an empty email to hymns-subscribe@nz-hymns.come2see.co.nz
You will receive an email from hymns-help@nz-hymns.come2see.co.nz
with subject line < confirm subscribe to hymns@nz-hymns.come2see.co.nz >
requiring you to reply to confirm your address and desire to join the list
Once you send that reply, a message is sent to the webmaster for approval.
(All this is to prevent spammers joining)
The webmaster may ask you for some details.
Once approved you will receive the Welcome message with instructions.
You are then free to send messages to the list,
and you will receive all messages sent to the list.
List messages are easily identified by the code [hymns] in the left of the subject line
Replying to the List
Click "Reply All" button in the tool bar above.
If you click "Reply" button, your message will go only to the previous writer.

List Rules
# Always respect other people's right to their own opinions. In emails it is too easy to say something hurtful, click the button, and it is irretrievably sent.
# Keep subject lines relevant. If your comment moves off the topic, Please change the subject line accordingly.
# When sending an attachment, please send an earlier message explaining what the attachment is to be about. Otherwise a lot of people would not open the message with the attachment.
# Also please be considerate and remember that some ISPs, eg hotmail, block messages with large attachments.
Set up Fliters/Message rules
To keep your inbox tidy, you can create a suitably named inbox folder, then set up message rules(Windows) or Filters (Macs) to move incoming mail with our code [hymns] into the folder.
(In Outlook Express go to Tools/Options/Message Rules)


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